If racing malaria Parymuetu Bids clutching their legs

In 1877, the couple spent in Parymuetu brittle samples in Morris and Jerome Parks in New York, but the bookies soon killed him. They continued to monopolize betting on racing tracks until 1908, when parygi on parymuet able to gain a foothold in this country, quite accidentally. Newly appointed Sheriff Scott Bullitt of Louisville, Kentucky, accused in that case was betting violation of the law and that it can no longer be allowed in Jefferson County, which is Churchill Downs. Mayor Grynsted Louisville hard enemy racing game, has supported the sheriff, threatening to send the city police on track to fulfill the edict. It was a blow Colonel Matt J.. Weena, director of Churchill Downs, so it is not meant to profit from betting on the Kentucky Derby; but the mayor and the sheriff Grynsted Bullitt met his match. Colonel Winn considered local statutes and found that although the gambling games are forbidden, parymatuel not do. As a result, in the Kentucky Derby Day for the first time on the big frauds parymuel were conducted in the United States.

Colonel experiment wine was so popular that next year Meylendski zhokeyny club in Pimlico tried paraimutalnuyu system next to the conventional bookmakers operating on the route. It was so successful that other racing associations followers of this system.

Under the rule of the bookmakers, many of whom were either dishonest or completely impure race reached such low estate, which, apparently, could see his death. Holy men, who looked at the race as a sport, and breeders, genuinely interested in improving the breed, welcomed parmutatui system as the savior of the race. They have become crusaders against the bookmakers, using a system of accessories like a battle sword.

Book Lover "Texas series" – Fern Michaels

One of my favorite authors of the novel – Fern Michaels. In this article I will talk about why it's my favorite writer of the novel, and give some biographical information about her. Fern Michaels also known as Mary Ruth Kuchkir, and she grew up in Hastings, Pennsylvania. She now lives in South Carolina. Fern Michaels is very actively involved in charity work. In fact, she started her own foundation; Fern Foundation called Michael. This fund provides four-year scholarships for needy and deserving students. In addition, by participating in its establishment and other charitable deeds, she wrote the ninety-nine books. Most of the novels that she wrote, were bestsellers New York Times.

Fern Michaels writes about women who aggressively and prevail, because it had to do to achieve success. Another topic, which she includes in her books, is that it does not matter where you were, but more importantly, where you are going and how to get there.

She wrote a seven-book series, which are devoted to various seven & # 39; pits. There are three book series, which with & # 39 are my favorite reading. The first series of the following: Texas Rich, Texas Heat, Texas Fury and Texas Sunrise. The second series of the following: Vegas Rich, Vegas Heat and Vegas Sunrise. The third series of the following: Rich Kentucky, Kentucky and Kentucky Haight Assembly.

In this article I'm not going to talk about all three book series, I'm just going to talk about a series of Texas and why I like these books. One of the reasons that I like these books, with & # 39 is that the story is used as a background. For example, in Texas Rich World War used as a background. It was interesting that one of the main characters in the Navy served as a pilot during the war and was in the battles in the Pacific. These books remind me of a really good soap opera with lots of plot twists and intrigue. These books remind me of a good night's soap nineteen eighties, both in Dallas. I appreciate that these stories are interesting, easy to read and entertainment that good books to read while on vacation or leaving the beach.

Public-road routes in the Ohio Valley region

Ohio Valley region – is a hot ball for anything that is outdoors. Pazarozhnik no exception. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people go on the trucks, bicycles and other ATVs on the tracks for fun. Many who likes to catch the same trails every weekend, but others want something new. Sometimes you just need to & # 39; drive along the new trail with lots of obstacles, sometimes just nice change of scenery. In an effort to help other SUV in the area of ​​the Ohio Valley, I browsed the internet and personal knowledge, to draw up an exhaustive list of public sites for off-road. This is not the end, a list of everyone, but it is a good tutorial for people to know about parks and trails, which they have not heard. I have included a fleet of three states: Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.

In Kentucky, there are several trails, and I have tried to include all of them. The information that I have included relevant, since I can provide it, but I would advise you to call ahead to make sure the information is correct.

Park Big Rocco the road
8157 Stovnlik Road
Meysvil, KY 41056
Phone: 606-759-8204 (in the park hours)
Autoresponder: 606-564-8283

Recreational park Black Mountain
Outdoor Recreation Committee Harlan County, Inc.
Harlan Center
201 South Main Street
PO Box 489
Harlan, KY 40831
Telephone: (606) 573-4156
Fax: (606) 573-9485

2500 Harpers Ferry Rd.
Lockport, KY 40036
Telephone: (502) 655-2425

Pede "Retreat Bluff" (ATV Park)
1385 Paddy & Bluff Road
Dycusburg, KY 42037
Phone: 270- 836-4297

Route Ano OHV
Daniel Boone National Forest
Bulk Road 1700
Winchester, KY 40391
Telephone: 859-745-3100

large dog route on the OHV
Daniel Boone National Forest – London District Ranger
761 of Laurel Road
London, KY 40744
Telephone: 606-864-4163

In Indiana and many trails. As is the case with the trails of Kentucky, I tried to include every site and correct contact information for each. Be sure to check the information for the selected Park, before heading into the weekend.

Badlands Off Road Park
3968 Road to the north Xavier
Attica, John 47918
Toll Free: 1-866-762-2981

Haspin Acre
21208 Laurel Road
Laurel, IN 47024
Telephone: 765-698-2420

Red bird state drive
Neil Armstrong, an expert on streams and trails
DNR – Division of Outdoor Recreation
402 W. Washington St., Rm. 271
Indianapolis Institute 46204-2782
Telephone: 317-232-4070

Ohio increases the number of parks in your area that offer off-road car. I include as many as I could find, and I hope that in the list you will find a park that suits your needs. As previously mentioned, please make sure that the information about the park you plan to visit, fine before lay.

Painted rock OHV Park
9701 Highway 57 City
Mount Perry, OH 43760
Telephone: 740-659-1171

Maumee State Forest
3390 county road D
Suontan, Ohio 43558
Telephone: 419-822-3052

Rychlendski state forest
administrative Office
345 Helena Avenue
Chillicothe, OH 45601
Telephone: 740-774-1596

Perry State Forest
administrative Office
6665 Cutler Lake Road
Blue Rock, Ohio 43720
Telephone: 740-674-4035
Location Perry State Forest APV Area:
5865, Urban path 154 NE
New Lexington, OH 43764

Pike State Forest
334 Lapparell Road
Latham, OH, 45646-9722
Telephone: 740-493-2441

Winery "four roses" – a fragrant place on Bourbon Trail

Founder, Paul Jones, Jr., moved his business, which he started in 1860, in the "Whiskey-Rau" in Louisville, Kentucky in 1884. Legend has it that he had sent a proposal to the southern linen, who replied to him, saying that wear karsazh of roses to the future of the ball. As he waited for her answer, she arrived at the ball in a jacket of four red roses. In 1888, Four Roses Bourbon were named such symbols of his love for South Beauty.

Paul Jones Company acquired one of the only distillery that will produce medical Bourbon during prohibition, in 1922 Frankfort Distilling Company, and Four Roses became one of the leading brands of Bourbon. Seagram bought the Frankfort Distilling Company in 1943 and they decided to suspend the sale of Kentucky Straight Bourbon in the United States, where they sold only blended whiskey, and moved Bourbon sales to European and Asian markets.

Company breweries "Kirin" acquired the trademark "Four Roses" in 2002 and named it Distillery "Four Roses".

Since the early 1800s, the famous distilleries of Kentucky create the world's finest bourbons, using secret recipes and established long process, which is transmitted from generation to generation.

Come to our country, and let it move you off your feet.

From Clermont to Bardstown, Lavrensburga in Loreto, Louisville to Lexington, we have all the bad and dirty on how to play and live well in the country Bourbon Trail. Let this be a distillery tour, sipping Kentucky bourbon, or exploring local horse farms?

We have that.

Seeing through the US University of Louisville and the city – state of Louisville, Kentucky

Calm a series of natural beauty in the landscape, which weaves an intricate network of similar structures, arrested my opinion, if the flight of the Delta, where I was in the air, coming down just on that fateful Sunday morning, June 26, 2006. It was really the first significant visual impression of America personally.

I gave a lecture in English in college Fura Bay, University of Sierra Leone, a small West African former British colony neighboring Liberia, and both countries for more than a decade engaged in a fierce civil war, but is now trying to restore the peaceful democratic and economic reconstruction and development . In fact, we in Sierra Leone have just completed two rounds of general elections, in which the government has been quietly changed, except for isolated clashes in some parts of the country. I have mentioned Liberia as most Americans should make it easier to recognize it as her fate was so closely associated with the United States since its founding. In addition, liberyytsy have the same language and share the dollar as the national currency with the Americans. But Liberia has much in common with Sierra Leone since we share certain ethnicities, flora and fauna, as well as belong to two regional bodies, the Economic Commission of West African States (ECOWAS) and the Mano River Union (MRU)

Thoughts about America has always remained in my head. But I never thought that this would be my share to soon visit the US through Louisville, covering four strategic city as a guest of the State Department, including 17 people from different parts of the world, India, Nepal, Palestine, Tunisia. , Jordan. Turkey, Congo, Kinshasa, Togo, Cameroon, Brazil, China, Mauritius, the Philippines, in the & # 39; etnam and Serbia.

My earliest links with America took place through the fiction, as well as biographies of famous Americans. Movies that often show the then information services of the United States (USIS) in Frytaune., Broadcast, "Voice of America" ​​(VOA), such as program music request, organized liberyyskay Yvonne Barclay, software links for Sierra Leones in America to talk with friends and relations back to their homeland, which was held by the Sierra Leanin Ted Roberts contributed to my acquaintance with America. life problems in the US have also been received from more regular features and news programs. The American Library has created an excellent resource that greatly expanded my knowledge, familiarity and thirst to get to America. .But my tight not been destructive thing as this, many young Africans who would do anything just to get to America, and many deceived earnings for life and become so frustrated that suicide seems to them the most likely option. May has allowed widely disappointed. I hoped thirty years ago after graduating from college Waggons Bay go to the US to pursue a master's program in the field of mass communication, which was then my most faithful car option & # 39; EASURES. Seeing that the time is fast going against me, I had to choose a post-graduate diploma of education in the same college Waggons Bay. Then I immediately went to the master's of African literature course, which has greatly expanded my interest and knowledge in this field. When I later published Folktales from Frytauna it was as a forerunner who prepared the way. He acquired many university libraries in the US, as well as the Library of Congress.

Associated with the US Embassy, ​​I can say that I'm back for more than thirty years, during which I was a member of his library. There I saw countless movies that were broadcast, and was witnessed live events as they unfolded, such as the recent US elections. We have always been open writers' conferences, poetry readings and other cultural events. I remember how some fifteen years ago, was a member of a discussion group on the two-volume collection of American stories that almost four months in the US betrayed them moderators. I think it was the longest study of American culture, which I've ever spent. It is, on the contrary, it must be my final preparation for teaching American literature for graduate students F, B.C. I felt a great joy in this lesson, and I am equally pleased that among the students in this area develops great interest. I went ahead to develop aids to supplement their lectures, among them: The development of American literature and Lengstan X & # 39; SW: The life and work in the celebration of black dignity.

In parallel, there were three lectures with them, which I read at the embassy to celebrate two important events in the United States: Moon black history and American independence Celebrations. I remember six years ago in the classroom in the last course, take pleasure in introducing a range of exciting American novels, n & # 39; EU and poetry. Not only that, I knew that such efforts quickly escalate – the visa without much fuss, the rapid involvement of the international visitor that within 30 days of divided thoughts and ideas with other international visitors and committed professors about 20 and more modern American writers, visiting cultural interests sites in Louisville, and in 4 other favorite cities, San Francisco, Berkeley, Cincinnati, Washington, and a quick look at a patch of Indianapolis under excuse for dinner in the restaurant, before proceeding to this Muzychi on-the symbolic cruise. Ohio so reminiscent own research Huck Finn on the Mississippi with his black boyfriend Jim in Mark Twain's fiction.

Imagine how happy and expected I felt when my invitation was confirmed and started obsessed with efforts to prepare for the trip. I had to drive the car for the night in the neighboring Republic of Guinea, which, because it got rid of contention for the past eight years by the consular services in Sierra Leone. Five days later, intuition Fuly young friend, who accompanied me, we moved again, to avoid rapid national strike, an armed American passport.

Two weeks later I was then ruled by air in London on the way to the States. Astreus when our plane came down on the runway, I'm starting to open up a new world. I have used this day in Gatwick to travel by train and bus to Kampdena accompanied by another friend Rosemary saw a lot of interesting sights, which were known to me only through books.

The next day, a long flight on Delta landed at the airport expectant Cincinnati. Our documents were considered with great dispatch as more hands were available and free. If not complete orientation I received at the embassy, ​​I would have been shocked by the scrutiny that I had to go, taking almost all, except apparel. But America has turned the face. Older people who have been in my country, would go to retire long before to actively engage in their safety and security during this period of terrorism. Young and old officials perform their duties carefully and tough at the same time being aware of their duty to be courteous and hospitable to visitors,

Thus, when I arrived at the Louisville airport, I grew up in an easy journey, moving escalators until you sent this bearded bulky man who in his right hand a band of the expected University of Louisville and portfolio. I was surprised at how quickly we got to know each other. We smiled when we locked up and cuddled. I knew he was Dr. Tom Byers, Director Summer Institute for the Study of America. I was immediately touched his simplicity and humility. We waited and got another delegate, which I immediately recognized that at home was driving, not having the slightest opinion in this case, we were both associated with the same event. Dr. Byers introduced us to each other. It was ANS with Togo. Dr. Byers then helped us to take your car. We drove past the buildings, which were in uniform symmetry and in accordance with good terasavanymi and manicured gardens, which were similar to the meadow that we should expect from the Garden of Eden. Dr. Byers kept showing us important buildings, as we passed, until he drove us to the newest hostel, Kurtz Hall, going to be our residence for the next six weeks. Smelled new. Surrounding manicured gardens are constantly watered nozzles crop of young smart boys in red shirts and black shorts, which are stunning hedges and the carpet with greens.

I was almost immediately struck by the harmony with which nature mingled with the architecture around campus. Useful building, similar to the brown-brick box with terasavanymi drawings roofs, in harmony with the park and green carpet surrounding each with adjacent parking lots secured with proteins that randomly tossing in the nest soothing beauty to cure or distract the mind.

Louisville University, supports State University, was a public institution, supported by the municipalities for decades prior to the entry into the university system in 1970. As a public university, the Kentucky General Assembly is mandated to become "greater metropolitan research university", which takes students from 118 of the 120 counties of Kentucky, of all 50 US states and 116 countries.

In accordance with its noble mission entrusted to them, and the University of Louisville are making rapid progress in various fields. Luisvilskaga University Center for Health Sciences, now with the & # 39 is one of the most innovative medical research centers in the United States, developed in 2006 the first 100 percent effective vaccine against cervical cancer, the first fully autonomous artificial heart transplant, the first successful hand transplant. and smear test ass. U L L is also credited with the first civilian ambulance, the nation's first accident services, which today is known as Ambulance (ER), and one of the first blood banks in the United States.

Since 1999, U of L has reached maximum growth at any university in the ranking of scientific research National Institutes of Health. Its NIH funding increased by 277 percent, and his approval rating rose by 30 places. For 2006 among US public universities melanoma clinic ranks third. Neurology research program fourth, and the program of studies of the spinal cord – 10th in funding NIG.

U of L is also known for its successful athletics program. Since 2000, the Cardinal with & # 39 are the only team NCAA, win the game in a BCS bowl, played in the finals chatyrohbor & # 39; I men's basketball, college world series of baseball, and won the national championship in athletics.

The university has three campuses:

-. Belknap campus area of ​​287 acres, three miles from Louisville center, which is located seven of the 11 colleges and university schools.

– Scientific and Practical Center of Health is in the medical complex in the center of Louisville, which houses the program, associated with the University of Health and the University of Louisville Hospital.

– Shelby Campus 243 acres, located in the east of Jefferson County, located in the National Institute for Crime Prevention and Resource Center in Information Technology.

Modesty, simplicity, conviviality and sense of humor seem qualities in abundance everywhere, both on campus and around the city of Louisville and its surroundings. It was always willing to help, if it wanted, as I have always been prone to do. if I was suddenly lost in a constantly winding network of roads and highways, designated multiple similar-looking guidance.

Transportation seems to be very efficient and reliable network of agreements which can always save you from any untidy situation. Just wait for the bus, tell about yourself and your destination, in addition, a set of brochures detail accommodates different routes, which will help you find your way. A lot of care for the elderly and disabled people is a lot of special facilities for them.

But the government needs to show more concern for the health of its citizens. The health of citizens of citizens is too delicate and important question that can be entrusted to private business. This is the greatest benefit and life assurance and motivation for greater work of the government, especially since the greatest land on earth can give its people who are working so hard to keep it great. The cost of medical care and food also requires serious & # 39; oznay attention. Access to higher education needs to be democratized to expose minorities and groups with lower income levels. The labor force must always receive due reward, so that they can live a decent and honest life, without waiting for a variety of tips that could be a subtle way to stimulate corruption.

But I welcome all efforts everywhere to document, exhibit and celebrate or mourn every significant achievement expressed or talent tragedy in the history of the nation. They are stored in a variety of museums, permanent and permanent exhibitions presented by one or the other, medaliyav statues, monuments and structures, to surprise, amuse and cultivate visitors. There is also a wonderful celebration of the two friendly entertainment in the entire industry. Horse racing and horse and carts are maintained as sports and tourism, to add to the weekly show of vintage cars in an amazing amount.

I also have to thank the broad demonstration of charity, which is endowed with many museums such as the Smithsonian, Churchill Downs. and countless foundations that motivate and reward hard work, creativity and variety of talents. It really is a very worthy principle to work hard, to leave the world better than you met him. No wonder this land so quickly grown so quickly, to the envy of those who can not make it. Last, but always remember to spread the spirit of humility, prypravanay greatness, remembering the rest of the world, which is largely endowed with the least need you to love, understanding and support.

How many calories are in a chicken breast?

It determines how many calories are in a chicken pile depends on how it is processed and prepared.

How many calories in Chicken Breasts

Many variables are involved in determining the calories in a piece of the chest. The number of calories that you receive will vary depending on where your numbers occur. You need to try to change the numbers on the basis of methods of processing and cooking, not exactly specific figures.

Methods of preparing chicken breasts

Method ........................ Caloric Weight .......... .......... Lb-Yeilds ....... Calories
Roasted g / 140 g batter ................. ............ 364 .............. .84 hr ............. 218
Fried, abkachanae in Passion .......... ............ 98 g 218 g 59 ............... ... .......... 218
Fried, skinless ................ 86 g ............ 161 .............. 52 z .............. 97
Fried, skinless .............. 86 g ............ 142 ............... 52 g .............. 86

first column – Use cooking method and skin was removed from the meat. If it is not stated, the skin is not removed.

the second column – Weight of boiled chicken breast in grams.

third column – Calorie contained in cooked chicken pile.

fourth column – How many grams of finished product per pound of raw ready for cooking chicken crops. Pay attention to the large mass of raw meat – water and oil, made from the meat.

fifth column – Calorie contained in the final output of finished product.

Pay attention to the chicken, roast with crackling, a lot more calories than fried chicken. The skin adds calories. Methods without skin have a crust.

1 oz = 28.35 grams
1 lb = 16 ounces = 454 grams

If you visit the restaurant of fried chicken in Kentucky, original recipes, extra crispy and spicy crispy recipes prepared from bones and meat with skin, immersed in deep fried butter.

Calorie chicken breast in Kentucky:

Recipe ............................. Weight / total calorie ................ weight fat / Calorie
The original recipe ..................... 164 g / 320 calories ..................... 15 g fat / 130 kcal
More crispy ........................ 176 g / 510 calories ................... .... ..33 g fat / 290 kcal
Acute crispy ........................ 178 g / 420 calories ................... 0.25 g fat / 220 kcal
Grilled ............................ 123 g / 210 calories ............... . 8 g fat / 70 calories

first column – The recipe for how to cook meat.

the second column – weight in grams and calories of breast chicken pieces.

third column – Breakthrough weight in grams and the amount of fat calories. These figures are included in the total column two.

1 oz = 28.35 grams

How many calories are in a chicken breast on the grill

Calorie breasts on the grill are lower than in a pile of fried. Meat on the grill is easier than fried meat, because it does not contain the crust layer.

Slices of grilled prepared in different ways. Fried – a high-calorie crust dough and fried in oil. Slices of grilled not inflict on it the batter. Oil is allowed to flow from the pieces on the grill while they are on the grill.

Slices of grilled skinless and boneless. This additional processing adds to the price of raw meat, but it makes the cooked product more healthy and convenient food.

How many calories are in a chicken breast without skin

Raw treated pieces of chicken delivered four types of plants. They are available without a bone, boneless, without skin and without skin. The bone is a whole chicken, cut into pieces, leaving the bones in place. The skin is removed to transport parts without skin. boneless meat is removed and the meat is shredded and recycled.

The skin is added approximately 50 calories and 3 g of fat for each piece. Kentucky Fried Chicken has extra calories in meat on the grill due to the added ingredient to make it moist and flavorful. Prefab on grilled strip 3 ounces contains 110 calories per chicken breast without skin.

Winery "buffalo" – you need to look at the track of Bourbon

Named after the buffalo, which once cut a path across the earth, Buffalo Trace site was the home of the current distillery since 1787, and its first modern distillery was completed in 1857 by Daniel Swigert. Clement and Ashton Craig bought the distillery in 1859, and then in 1970, it was purchased by Edmund Taylor, Jr., who invested in its modernization and named it OFC Distillery, which stood an old copper fire.

George Stagg OFC acquired in 1878 and expanded the site. Further extensions, additions, purchases and renaming took place over many years, and the distillery was producing alcohol for the efforts of World War II, as well as for medicinal whiskey during prohibition.

Soon after the production of five million barrels after the ban distillery was purchased by New York-based group of investors in 1982, and in 1984 released the world's first shopping single barrel Bourbon called Blanton & # 39; s. In 1992, the Distillery becomes a family business again after being bought "Goldryngs". In 1999, after the reconstruction of the distillery was renamed the Buffalo Trace Distillery and launched Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

Today, on-site distillery "Buffalo" with the & # 39 is an area of ​​119 hectares and lives 114 buildings with three centuries of architectural styles. Remarkably, it is the only distillery that has no computers in the still house, and can be named the magazine "Malt Advocate" and "Dystylyaram year" and "year Dystylyaram" Whiskey Magazine.

Since the early 1800s the famous distilleries of Kentucky have created the world's finest bourbons, using secret recipes and established long process, which is transmitted from generation to generation.

Come to our country, and let it move you off your feet.

From Clermont to Bardstown, Lavrensburga in Loreto, Louisville to Lexington, we have all the bad and dirty on how to play and live well in the country Bourbon Trail.

Charter on the road to poverty

Kentucky Derby is in the books. The horse won, and now he or she & # 39 is a favorite (usually) in the second race derby "Triple Crown": "Preakness". This flat horse race, which is run by a three-year thoroughbred, and it happens every year, two weeks after the Kentucky Derby and three weeks before the latest jewel in the crown, cash Belmont.

This race is held at the Pimlico racetrack in Baltimore, Maryland, and covers 9.5 Fulong. It was first contested in 1873 and traditionally ranks second in attendance only grandchild of all races, the Kentucky Derby.

If you live close to Maryland, is a relative breeze to see the quick age of three in action, but if you have to go there, you should always make lotachnyya commercial products – unless of course you decide to Chartova plane to get to you and your party on time and in style.

Aircraft rent is cheaper than you think, and the best thing that you can choose according to your schedule. Forget the long lines, trying to clear security, and, if you are waiting for hours at the site. No, if you charter. Chartered jets give you a room for the legs, shoulders, elbows and head, and you usually can adjust the seat as you like. There is entertainment at your fingertips, the galley for snacks and meals on the road and safety of your bags with you always. Many carousels for luggage!

You arrive renewed and happy and in good time singing Maryland, My Maryland and garden party, which will always be a great time. After the race you can watch as a painter climbs vane to draw a winning color on horses and jockeys, which it is decorated. Heck, you'll even be there to see the horse-winner to get a blanket of black eyes, Susan, the state flower of Maryland, but they can not use the real thing, so they do not bloom until July. It can remain our little secret …

Not surprisingly, the mega-star equestrian jumping Peace Secretariat still holds the speed record for the Preakness stakes. He won at 1:53 in 1973, which was the average dew his Triple Crown. Now you too can be a star … if you decide to artaravats.

Count Fleet, winner of the Triple Crown in 1943, was the owner John Hertz rental car with Hertz

Count Fleet – the name of a famous race horse that won the Triple Crown award in 1943. Act on the implementation of an extremely rare feat Triple Crown was made only eleven horses racing for nearly 100-year history of the sport. Count Fleet was the sixth horse, who tried to perform a difficult task.

Count Fleet was born in Paris on March 24, 1940, Kentucky, on a farm called "Jan-Scream". Paris, Kentucky, is located near the city of Lexington in the heart of the state. Gonkavy horse, who eventually wins the triple crown in 1943, came from a good gene pool, which includes a father by the name of Ray Graf, who won the famous Kentucky Derby in the late 1920s.

Interestingly, the owner of a thoroughbred offspring Earl Ray did not believe that the colt has a great potential and Sur & # 39; ozna considering selling it to the highest bidder. As it turns out, have a horse, and not to sell, it was one of the best pedigree solutions that owner John Hertz ever made. In sports competition horses are no more prestigious position than the owner of the horse that won the Triple Crown.

John Hertz, owner of Count Fleet, best known for the famous company car rental. Initially, Hertz car rental was the brainchild of the Slovak American John Hertz, here & # 39; I who moved from Slovakia to the United States in 1884, when he was five years old. John went on to successful business man (he founded the Yellow Cab in addition to a Hertz Rental Car), a thoroughbred owner and philanthropist (especially with military research). John was on the verge of selling the fact that, as it turned out, his most perfect horse before Johnny Longden, his best jockey, it is wise to speak about it.

When the Count Fleet won the 1943 Triple Crown of thoroughbred racing, he went on to continue along the same lines as the champion horse who should participate in the twenty-first century. Capture Triple Crown involves winning three races in the most sought after elite thoroughbred races in a row consecutively for five weeks.

Three races included in the Triple Crown – a derby Kentucky, Preakness and Belmont stakes bet. Kentucky Derby is held in Louisville, Kentucky on the first Saturday of May. Bids "The Truth" held two weeks after the Kentucky Derby on the third Saturday of May in Baltimore, Maryland. Bids in Belmone pass five weeks after the Kentucky Derby and three weeks after breaking in Elmontse, New York, on Long Island.

Count Fleet retired at the age of four due to a foot injury, and most of his life spent as a lord (meaning "horse" – the horse, which was put on the seed / breeding "Count Fleet passed away December 3, 1973 in. the age of 33. Count Fleet spent the last moments of life in the place of his birth on Stoner Creek farm in Paris, Kentucky.

Want to hear something funny? Listen to me, tell me

I talk funny. No, I do not have a voice interference. If I did it, probably, very few people would have thought about it. Then maybe they are. Still, I say funny, and know it.

I'll never know. For 18 years, I thought that sounded great, better than most. I grew up in Harlan County, Kentucky, the heart of the Eastern Kentucky. Harlan – it Apalahiya. We are proud of our heritage. We will tell everyone who will listen. Unfortunately, many times people have won and did not understand a damn word that we speak.

When I was 18, I went to college, but not very far from home. I attended the University of Kentucky, in just 3 hours (at least) from Harlan County. In the UK, there were many eastern Kentucky, and those people became my friends. As told to me by a friend from the Bell County (Harlan neighbor from next door), "we are like the Indians. We lost when reserve booking, so we have to hang together." So we did.

I met people from different places, and they talked funny. They had accents. We have also done, but not so bad. I knew a lot of people in Harlan with accents, heavy mountain accents. It was difficult to understand, even for native. I sounded so. So I thought.

When I was 19, I met a girl from the big city of Louisville – Kentucky. She gave me the news of my accent. For example, I mentioned the word "light" is all wrong. He has a short "i" instead of a long, flat "eyyyyye", which I used. In fact, I almost said "patches" instead of "light". Curse. Who knew? She complained to my grumbling. She little knew she should be happy that he could not understand anything I'm saying.

Once someone will tell about your accent, the relationship is doomed, I guess. However, I realized that I have an accent. I know this since. You can not say that I have an accent, reading it, but I do. This quite thick. You know what? I'm not fat at all. (By the way, with my accent it sounds really ").

I have? Appalachian. This is not the South. I do not like Foghorn Leghorn, although people from the North East will be asking me, or I "from the south". I'm not from the south. I'm in the mountains # 39 m.

Our accents – a mountain traction combined with a clear murmur. Our words go together, but peculiarly slow. We do not speak soon. Go to Michigan if you want to hear it. Our emphasis so butchered the English language, which often require translation:

You upair? Translation: Are you there? (Where where, you ask? Upair.)

Their people? Translation: You are connected with these people?

He became close. Translation: This fellow was fired from his job.

Gimme em warcutters. Translation: Please tell me the cutter.

He opened this wound. Translation: He threw this thing out the window.

I et mater sammich yesterdee. Translation: Yesterday I had lunch on a tomato sandwich.

Their loggers fit pique. Translation: The two gentlemen were engaged in fist out.

He was clumsy, and he worked on Chymli. Translation: He got to the house, to repair the pipe.

These are just a few examples, but they can be very extreme. We say "tar" instead of "rubber". Someone can be "corrected" and not an electric shock. We lavim fish with "miners" and not the stove. People live in silos, or they can go to you. We even "GARNT-tee" something for you. We can do it all, but you will not have a damn clue if we explain it to you.

So you think, "You people are ignorant jacks." No, we do nothing. This is how we speak. I believe that we have a fair share of idiots, but almost all have accents that make us, to some extent unintelligible.

Now, not all mountains have accents. Some work very hard to get rid of them and never let them have. I'm cool with it. Even though I was not brought up. We were just talking, we talked. We really did not think much about it, except for my mother who was the label for proper grammar. She has repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that only the lowest shrubs using a double negative. "Ain" made her almost scream, but not as "done."

I feel a little bad for the people who lose their accents. They become like the people of Nebraska. Try to say something and sound like someone from Nebraska. You can not, because no one knows how they sound. I can find Apalachavski emphasis for about 5 seconds.

One of the groups, which I do not praise, – those who dropped accents because of shame comes from the mountains. They do not want to sound like us. It's embarrassing. They are above it. These are the same people who pantyfikuyuts people in the mountains, when in fact they had not made sure that the place was used for the storage of nuclear waste.

So, how thick my accent? I ate recently in my neighborhood Waffle House when the waitress asked where I was. When I said Harlan, she said: "I think so." Oh, she added: "Half of my family & # 39; and Harlan – half, which we do not communicate."

Recently I was in Las Vegas, and struck up a conversation with a pair of stripper on the street. One asked: "Where are you from your accent is so cute?". I gave her five dollars. I also met a budding rapper "young cheese". Even he asked me where I was.

The obvious drawback of my focus from & # 39 is that I often do not understand untrained ear. I once ordered a dinner at a restaurant in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The waitress did not understand, and I could not have her, but we both spoke in English. My fellow translators working dinner.

My wife is struggling to understand me, and we have lived together for more than half of life. Here's a typical exchange:

MAN: What's for dinner?

EE: What?

MAN: What's for dinner?

EE: Yes?

MENA: orders! What do we have?

EE: Do not yell at me!

I: I have to scream. You can not hear.

EE: What?


HER: I'm not! You mutters!

… and so on and so forth. It always ends up being my wife points out that her friend Lisa does not understand me. Perhaps I mumble something, but do you think that 26 years is enough time for someone to get used to it.

(In my defense, I would like to mention that my father often blamed my mother mutter in. It was almost completely deaf, but has never admitted that his lack of hearing was a problem.)

As a lawyer, my emphasis will need. I do a lot of cases in eastern Kentucky and sounded Party without real effort. Sometimes it is an obstacle. I recently tried the case in Illinois and told reporters the court, that I may have trouble understanding me. She did.

Mountain accents help in other ways. They are really good if you threaten someone. If anyone from Locust Valley Lokzhav say that "I will push your pop, you'll laugh in the face if someone from Harlan says about it – man or woman – it has a ring of truth It just sounds sur & # 39;. Ozna. . It also makes a curse, sounding better. "Hell" goes like. "Haaaiil" This creates focus, which is not enough to others. There are many examples of good taste prevents me from discussing here.

The only time I interfere accent when I hear it. I hear myself on video and think, "Man, oh, man, I like Gooch berder". I believe that I am.

Naturally, many people hear how we talk and think we are dumb. Many of these people, in fact, dumb people with different accents. Of course, if we again interviewed on TV, there may be subtitles, but we are again silent – at least, not all of us. If you're dumb, mountain accent does not help. However, this win is really nonsense.

Of course, we are not the only people that sound ridiculous. New British also sound funny. So do people with Wisconsin. New Yorkers hard to understand, as well as people from the south. Appalachian just a lack of what might be the last group of people, which can be opened without ridiculed reactions.

Now read that again with the best appalachavskim accent. If you still do not get, watch the TV program "substantiated". It is set in Harlan County, and they do well with accents. Maybe you have seen the classic Patrick Swayze, Next of Kin. In this there is a good emphasis, except Liam Nissan. I'm not sure what he was doing, but I never heard that someone was as follows.

In Aint "left nutsin to say about this Hyeres -. Bunks word I continue to work in Lexington, but Harlan there are still people I think I'll stay, if I do not finish the other proud, I know you… owner me when you get up in this way.