Why goods with high value good for Marketing – Retail Marketing Tip number 43

If you think about the Kentucky Derby, you think about the powerful thoroughbred, elegant ladies in fancy hats, a long-range tryfekty that pays off big, twin spiers of Churchill Falls, singing My Old Kentucky Home, and …

Mint zhuleps.

A little more sugar, mint, bourbon and ice – if you do not buy this year a mandatory extravagant drink from the derby. 50 of 90 000 mint bogey, which are sold on the day of the Derby, sold for $ 1,000 each!

Made from the finest bourbon from Kentucky, mint from Morocco, ice from the Arctic, from the South Pacific, sugar, and served in a gilded cup Yulep with 24 carat silver with a silver straw, the drink will savor. Slowly.

So what to do with you?

Lot. See, it vysokamashtabny, ultra super-cool piece of the product that gives you something to hang your hat. Something to boast about.

This is something to talk to your customers in the store, "Did you see …" This is something that will be presented to your mailing lists on & # 39; yavah electronic zinah or advertising flyers. This is something that you can send out a press release.

No matter what you sell, you have to come up with a super-premium package and tsanuvats it at the top of your range.

In Mackinaw Kite Co. we have taken a kite for $ 400, which flies under zero wind. He was huge, made of transparent Kevlar and looked like a high-tech sculpture. We put it right at the entrance to the store, and he never received a "WOW!"

One of our clients' employees gathered to create a recipe for a huge frozen cakes – big enough to feed 25 – $ 100 dollars. "YUM!"

Neiman Marcus will build a bowling alley in your basement or deliver a working underwater eyeliner to your door in just a few puzzles, hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What can you do?

You obviously have not won as many high-end items such as a commodity, but you are likely to sell some – that's just taking the money and a lot of fun!

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