water age

For human history of the past centuries, they note the important technological and cultural changes in the methods and means of survival. In the Stone Age to 8000 BC there is a clear need for hard materials, various types of stone, which are important for survival. With ore were used copper and gold about 5000 BC, copper and gold have been used.

Alloying metals for bronze and other severe environments. Pottery marks here and a & # 39 is a significant step in the transformation of civilization into a practical reality. Iron and its treatment have progressed even more technological superiority. Industrial era and today we will continue only in magnitude.

There are many issues and breakthroughs, as well as a lot of terrible behavior and interests of individuals, whose pockets more flow. We made history with the threat of atomic energy and & # 39; advent of electron engineering – 1950s. Water is what it is, has physical properties, as well as other substances. Magnetic rock would compare to other eyes.

Using Dr. Yulam Brown proved that the use of water on the direct or indirect fuel machines & # 39 is a practical, viable and safe technology. Dr. Brown discovered the HHO process in the 1960s, and then the process was confirmed by chemists in the 1990s. It is believed that Brown & # 39; s Gas will replace oil as the fuel of the future. President for the use of hydrogen technologies – Denis Klein – one of the original inventors of this technology, which holds several patents on HHO – "Aaagen". as a result of technology and has consistently been investigated and engineering technologies have since the 1960s to the 2000s, and for a while it is easy to reject and diarrhea.

According to media reports, HHO technology is demonstrated to members of Congress, local government officials, and even NASA. The exhibit, which showcases this technology was presented at the Governors Conference on the Environment in Kentucky in 2004. According to the press, published by the Conference on Environment governor environment in Kentucky, the company Hydrogen Technology Applications Inc. HHO generators donated several universities in Kentucky and in the center of technical education during his introduction of the program. This technology is very real.

At the 2004 Science paper was published in FISITA World automotive congress in Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčentitled "Investigation of the effect of hydrogen addition on performance and exhaust gas of the diesel engine." According to this document, experiments were conducted to assess the HHO adding the mixture obtained through the electrochemical decomposition of water to the incoming air of one cylinder engine with direct injection.

Their conclusion was that "if a small amount of hydrogen is added to the inlet air, the combustion process of internal combustion engines can be greatly enhanced. It was found that the addition of hydrogen has a good effect on the combustion."

Injection hydrogen or HHO in ICE (internal combustion engine) with 39 & # is a very effective way to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, which has been proven in academic studies and in practical implementations thousands practitioners working in automobiles.

Running water machine has some practical advantages and limitations.

Benefits such as – Gas savings, improvement path on average from 20% to 65% after conversion vehicles in movement in the water. 100% safe and legal. Conversions are not void the warranty on the product.

conversion value can be calculated on the IRS, IRS currently has cash rebates on hybrid vehicles.

Reduce emissions of CO2, and, improve the environment, save the Earth.

Limitations such as – in order to fully take advantage of the generator HHO, is necessary to optimize the ratio of fuel and air. Most car manufacturers conversion explain how to do this very easily.

There are basic mechanic tools and know how to operate the machine. In other words, you have a handy man, a lover of cars, auto mechanic or practices, you know what you're doing.

While many system set up at the weekend, machine may need a couple of hours, but for the person who does not know much about the car, it will take more hours for the system to work without work.

Many necessary parts sold in avtazapchastsyah NAPA or other road networks, it is better, if possible, most of the pieces available on the site.

There are other methods that use brown gas technology; Sharp application and rations, and welding.

There will not be a caveman, take a box of tools and safety glasses and start!