Four differences between the "Cincinnati" and employees NKY

There are two local newspapers, "Cincinnati" and "New York Post", serving the Greater Cincinnati and New York, which are owned and operated by a single company. While much of the content address of the same information, the reader in these two geographical areas there are many differences. In addition to advertising for the restoration of pictures in Northern Kentucky or transfer the photos in Northern Kentucky, there are many major differences between the two documents. Some of these differences are found in the news, event listings, in the sports section, and in the classifications.

In the news in both paper explains in detail about the events of the day at both the local and national level. While Cincinnati document deals with crime and news in the neighborhoods in southwest Ohio, NKY document focuses on all important matters that occur in its geographical area. Both documents will talk about the city government, which concern them, and all the problems faced by their taxpayers. The main difference lies in the fact that these documents cover the same types of information, they note the different people who make the news, and in different places where it occurs. They both provide news on certain areas that they serve.

Event listings of all the works characteristic of the regions that they read. Despite the fact that Cincinnati and New York – a small bridge from each other, lists of events in the Enquirer can not include things that are happening in Newport and Kovingtan. It is the same in the message. Event at a church in Berlingtane can push a lot of pages on the pages of the message and is not even mentioned in the Enquirer. The reader of these documents, which is looking for a local event, or have to buy the two documents or to return to their sites, which lists all of the specific event, no matter where they occur. These differences in the list of events apply to fundraising, festivals, art exhibitions, concerts and other family activities.

One of the most popular sections of the newspaper – this is the part that tells about the "Sport". The query and report there is a section "Sport", which is very well served by its readers. The main difference between the two documents in this area is what sports they want to cover. Usually in the fall on a Saturday in the newspaper with the & # 39 great amount of press will be devoted to football games in high school with Friday night. Enquirer will cover all the news and scores of games, "Elder," "St. X" and "Muller" and "Post" – school in NKJU. Readers want each article to be educated about the teams and specific players that make sense and live in close proximity to their homes.

Finally, in the secret sections of the Enquirer and the Post will feature lists that correspond to their particular neighborhood. For example, in the post will be allocated houses, garage sales and people offering their services in the NKY region. He may have some listings for Cincinnati, but it is limited and has a lower priority than those that serve NKY. All information and advertising in this section of the newspaper should be of interest to most readers. This means that information should focus on what geographically is important for the reader.