What jobs in the automotive industry are now fighting, and that the flowers?

The current recession has been interesting to & # 39; a reality where many jobs that used to be very stable and even bloomed, like car dealerships, are now struggling badly and even closed for the first time in decades. Even the insurance operation in Northern Kentucky and insurance companies are struggling with fewer new cars. Other Auto-Industrial Company, however, work better during this recession because of the fact that people hold on to their cars for longer periods of time, such as auto shops and mechanics, avtafarbavanne in Northern Kentucky, and fast store grease and oil.

Many major car companies had to declare bankruptcy for the first time to try to save their dealer firms from that they completely stopped working. Such big names as General Motors and the Chrysler, was recently a lot of news about their financial troubles and how Americans can no longer afford to buy a new car or even old cars. Many people in the Detroit area who worked in automobile factories, have lost their jobs, and this is one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

On the other hand, companies that are also involved in fixing, restoring or improving the car, now go to the benefit of the simple fact that people do not buy new vehicles, but they need to service or want to improve those which they already possess. The better you will maintain your current vehicle, the longer it will run smoothly, and now, during this recession, this is what people want, because they can not afford to buy a car.

Because of this huge problem in the automotive industry the Government undertook to try to help some of those dealers. They are currently working with the program, which will help the automotive industry, but also help to improve the environment. This program is called the program "Available for klunkersav", where you can bring all your old car that & # 39 is a gas-gas engine, and get up to $ 4500 to use it on a new, more economical car. The government hopes that this will help to give the auto industry a fast start financial stability. Many dealerships have seen improvement in business this program, and some even ran out of money, which were used for the program of cash to participants in the program, because it was so popular.

If you have a car that you already have, but you can not afford a new one and decide not to comply with the program described above, you may decide to change things on the current vehicle to make it new. One way to do this – change the color of the car, if he will be professionally painted in the shop avtafarbovki. Other things that people do on their existing cars, add shading to the windows or install a solar roof to make this new vehicle. These are the companies that are currently working well.