Rehabilitation Hospital of Cardinal Hill, Lexington, China – specialist staff for acute rehabilitation Prem & # 39; er-mail

Opened in 1950 for the treatment of childhood polio victims, Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital has evolved into a rehabilitation institution for 108 beds that provides key services for acute patients sent from Kentucky and across the country. Patients and seven & # 39; and, coming outside of Lexington, have an attractive selection of hotels in Lexington, Ky, from which to choose.

Cardinal Hill, which belongs to the community of Easter Seals Kentucky – helping people with disabilities achieve as much independence. The hospital is accredited by CARF, or the Commission on Accreditation rehabilitation facilities and serves more than 9,000 patients adults and children each year, satisfying the needs of physical rehabilitation through medical services provided in outpatient, inpatient and home. This is one of the largest centers of physical rehabilitation in the Commonwealth and can be visited in different hotels in Lexington, Ki.

Inpatient care is provided in hospital and includes services at the end of life, the elderly / disabled and infection. Outpatient care is provided through the Institute of Pain "Cardinal Hill", outpatient, home care and adult health. Services provided by these funds and programs include physical rehabilitation, geriatric services, sports medicine, treatment of wounds, artrytalagichny center, home health, fitness center and much more. Services support patients and there & # 39; and are also provided to assist in the public services, translation, support groups, transportation and chaplain / pastoral care.

Rehabilitation Hospital of Cardinal Hill specializes in a variety of injuries and conditions requiring a broad rehabilitation treatment. These specialized services include the treatment of traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation, neurological and orthopedic conditions, and other conditions that are traumatic in nature or disability. Those who require specialized rehabilitation services for Cardinal Hill, will find excellent accommodation in many hotels in Lexington, offering throughout the city.

The hospital also has several therapeutic pools that help patients progress their treatments and they are easy to handle with the closest hotels in Lexington, China. These pools include therapeutic pool supported at 95 ° F, therapy pool that is maintained between 86-88 ° F, and another pool, which provides resistance to swim. These pools can be reached by stairs, stairs, ramps, or zero under the & # 39; lift.

Rehabilitation department opened in 2005 and is in the hospital. The device comprises a pavpryvatnyya room meets the needs of the rehabilitation of the old visitors and using the latest techniques, which are conducted by qualified rehabilitation. The purpose of this specialized unit with a & # 39 is the treatment of orthopedic problems and soft neurological conditions, as well as care for patients with maladjustment, unqualified for acute physical rehabilitation.

If you have a debilitating physical problems and you live in Kentucky or you live outside of the state, but can not find appropriate assistance for physical therapy, rehabilitation hospital, contact Cardinal Hill to help you or a loved one recover more independent life. If you need a place to stay during a visit to Cardinal Hill, make a reservation at one of the many luxury hotels in the middle and secondary levels in Lexington, China where you will meet Kentucky hospitality and inviting hotel.