Michael Bush 2007 election day project

Michael Bush was born in Louisville, Kentucky, June 16, 1984. Bush – is a powerful run, which weighs more than 250 pounds, and the height is 6 feet 3 centimeters. He has a rare combination of speed, size and strength that made him a force on the football field at an early age.

During his high school car & # 39; EASURES Bush was a real player. During his four years he held positions including defender, running back, defensive back, defensive end, safety, impact and wide receiver. As a senior in high school male, Bush took back position and led his team to the state title. Especially one game stands out in high school car & # 39; EASURES Bush. As a senior, he confronted the team of his future teammate at the University of Louisville Brian bromine. During this game Bush has run 116 yards, 468 yards and threw up seven touchdowns. The game, which many consider the best ever in Kentucky, the Bush team came out on top 59-56.

After graduating from high school, Bush took his game to the University of Louisville, where he began to play again. Season 2005 was a watershed for the Bush, when he ran 1143 yards and scored 23 touchdowns. His 23 points was enough to bring the whole NCAA Division count. Unfortunately, during the first game of the 2006 season, Bush broke his right tibia and never returned to the field. This injury, he scored three touchdowns and got 128 yards on the ground.

Although Bush has just demonstrated his talent for the whole season, he certainly left his mark in the program and hopes to make it to the team of the future.

After the end of the 2006 season, Bush pleaded the right of the NFL draft in 2007. He is looking to pick up where he left off before getting hurt.