Why do you have to go to Louisville for your next weekend getaway

Louisville, Kentucky has long been known around the world as the place where the Kentucky Derby. This world-famous annual event in May attracts celebrities and other important people. In Louisville, Kentucky, there are many other great things to see and do, the company said on service air conditioners in Louisville. This article will take some of those recommendations from locals, such as air-conditioning repair business in Louisville, and give you some great tips on traveling for the weekend in Louisville.

Depending on when you choose to visit Louisville, the main recommendation for the hotel would be to stay at 21C Museum Hotel, which is a smaller boutique hotel, located in downtown Louisville. It was written in the travel and leisure magazine as one of the best hotels to combine art and hospitality. There are several other options for hotels as they have to accommodate more than half a million visitors who descend into the spring of this city on the Kentucky Derby, but that – special.

Obviously, one of the great activities that you can do and see in Louisville will be the Kentucky Derby, which is held on the first weekend of May. As has been named two of the most exciting moments in sports all happens at Churchill Downs. If you can not make it to the well-known events, be sure to go to Churchill Downs to have lunch and to see the beautiful grounds where the race takes place. Another age-old tradition in this town – take a ride on the Belle of Louisville, which is a & # 39 is the oldest steamship boat in the country. This state and this city is also famous for the fact that making bourbon. In fact, one third of all bourbon made is made right here in Louisville, and even they have a special trail for Kentucky bourbon.

One of the other interesting places to visit – Museum Slizger where do the old bats Louisville Sluggera. Adding to this place, they have done a wonderful museum that has just redone over the past year to make it more interactive and interesting for the youngest visitors. Each visitor receives their own mini version of the Louisville Sluggera that with & # 39 is a great souvenir. Next to this museum and located in the city center – new baseball stadium bands Louisville Butts, which plays their own team baseball league in the secondary. This is one of the most beautiful stadiums in the minor champions in the country, and it's a great thing to do during the baseball season.

In addition to the above things, Louisville has a fabulous restaurant, and finally there were more than 2500. Many different notes of southern charm that is attached to them, but the variety is great. The next time you want to go on holiday for the weekend, think about going to Louisville, Kentucky, and see some of the outstanding attractions and traditions. It is a beautiful river city that can not be skipped.