Handicap-Kentucky Derby – the premiership & # 39; ernaya horse race in America

Every year, millions of people are trying to prevent the Kentucky Derby. While other big jumps in America can have big wallets and offer some of the best races in the world, the Kentucky Derby – the classic American race for three years. Traditionally contested on the first Saturday of May each year, the Derby field is limited to 20. However, since each horse in the race asked to do something that had never tried it, it's more than enough entries tighten any Dutch horse equestrian jump.

The key to the interference of the first part of the Triple Crown (Preakness and Belmont – the other two legs) – an understanding that this is a classic race on the classic distance. The Kentucky Derby is contested over 1 1/4 miles. That is, the 3-year-old horses still rushed and usually, because all 20 posts are filled, this field more than they fought.

Changing the size and distance of the field varies considerably and makes it difficult to design what the horse can overcome distance and pandemonium. Problems with traffic for horses in the Derby and getting a good trip can mean the difference between success and failure. You can not win success in the race, but you can raise, shape and pace.

First look at the breeding of horses and determine which of them are bred to get the classic distance. In some past performances now offered so-called "dosage index" for each horse, mathematical way to determine the points on the basis of the prevailing race distances ancestors of horses. The lower the dosage, the more likely the horse will overcome a mile and a quarter.

Many times, when it interferes Kentucky Derby, pragnastyki focus on speed figures. Although they do not have values, they do not weigh as much as dosage, rate and form at finding good rates. Once you have determined which horses are bred at a distance, the next task – to determine which horses are rounded at the right time. In horse racing, timing is critical, and the coaches are trying to first Saturday in May horseback physical form has reached a maximum. Look at the race, that lead to the Derby and try to determine how the horse has progressed and that he can stay.

Pace also & # 39 is a big part of the race. Derby won very little forward, but the horse, and have tactical speed, and good cheap blow. Because of problems with a lot of traffic, and sometimes you have to weave through the pack well or compete, runners should be able to switch the transmission. While the last winner of "Derby" Mine That Bird was able to slip by rail with a very able and happy pilot in Calvin Borel, such visits are rare.

The last tip for Kentucky Derby, I would like to share with you – a few of these types of races for konistav. Is played the race and watching the race. While Derby interesting, usually it's a good race to make money if you do not have a crystal ball. Watch it and enjoy, but keep the bulk of your banking business for the races, which are easier to carry more convenient field and horses that have proven that they can do whatever they ask.