Points for the Kentucky Derby – collecting, which is spoken by all

The Kentucky Derby is perhaps one of the most popular horse races in the world. To celebrate this fantastic event filled full heritage and honor, had created numerous commemorative items such as glasses, hairpins and glass If we remember back in 1938, this commemorative glasses were designed and inspired by some of the best jackets of the time. Each glass each year reflects one exclusive and original thing that happens.

During the First World War, when there was a shortage, manufacturers had to switch to the replacement product under the name Bakelite, such as plastic, from 1941 to 1945. you have to keep them for dear life, as they are one of the rarest, and, of course, are of high value associated with them. In 1974, no one noticed that more than 400 thousand of these collectors' items were printed with the misspelled name of the horses!

Horse called Canonero II, but it was mistakenly printed as simple Canonero. Sorry! At one time there were such variations points. glass Libby were printed with "Kanonera" and "Kelly Libby" s "Canonero II". Then there was the same for the federal points, 2 variations of the name. In the end, there were two nemateravanyya glasses are also made in two versions. Once this was understood, there was a skirmish, to convert thousands of them, and the company as a result of going to Libby in federal companies to fill their order books.

Oddly enough, all of the options have become equally kalektsyyanavanymi, but when it comes to the true value, the two developed a federal types have a greater value than higher than all other versions. More modern glasses, such as modern gold glasses, as a rule, issued in a limited edition of about 1000 units. Each glass in this limited edition will be made with its own certificate of authenticity, which makes it very popular.

Thus, increasing the value of their own, and they are known to be exchanging hands on 60 or more dollars. If you recapture your collectibles and like to enjoy the rare high-quality products that support and increase the price, you will always be perfectly air-conditioned and enjoy a wonderful glass in Kentucky. Each plate of each season will keep this cost, but memorable race – those who ultimately provide increased kalektsyyanalnastsi these points. Just as unknown jockeys or rare victory, render headers. As a lover of cups of Kentucky, keep your eyes open for anything related to this fascinating world.