Winners Kentucky Derby and the pedigree of a large heart

Just what the heck "big heart"? It is a transfer of the X chromosome big heart stallion through his daughter to his son.

By genetic studies it was found that in a typical thoroughbred horse weighs seven pounds, and heart size is inherited through the X chromosome dam. However, in some exceptional runners had a heart that was two to three times as much for normal. If an autopsy was made immortal in the Secretariat, it was found that he had a massive heart weighs twenty-two pounds!

Big heart – this is the best pump oxygen into the blood, and thus the main factor and the benefits of sport is attributed to 31 minutes long whim of the Secretariat in the Belmont countries in 1973 to half a mile.

Like most creatures (including humans) on the ground, in the genetic composition of a horse has 2 chromosomes that determine every aspect of his being. Women have 2 X chromosomes, while males have one Y and one X chromosome. Chromosomes – a genetic road map that accurately describes each attribute.

size of the heart, based on genetic studies conducted by distinguished researcher Marianne Gaun seems, is carried out only on the X chromosome. Thus, the male horse has a heart the size of the marker, and the female – two. Male offspring inherits the Y-chromosome of male parents, and one of the two X chromosomes from the father of the woman.

Female offspring will inherit the X chromosome from both parents. Thus, the male horse has a chance of inheriting this trait. It inherits from the dam one of the two chromosomes, and this is what determines the size of the heart! Women horse has 2 X chromosomes and can have one, two, or no one that has a great heart rice. A woman who has 2 big hearts of the X chromosome, will always give her son.

Have you ever wondered why the horse has no upper alcoholics with the same capacity, but produces mares?

Large generous brush can transmit X-chromosome big heart to his daughters, who in turn can pass it to her son. All daughters of the Syro adopted its X chromosome, if it has the feature of a big heart, they will all have at least one, and some have 2 X chromosomes, which pass through the boundaries of a large heart.

Thus, although it may not affect the size of the heart of his son, his daughter's above average. Her offspring will benefit, and thus gain a reputation as a virgin behavior broodmares! Looking at the Derby winners in Kentucky and follow their marching lines for breeding seahorses to the possible passage of the powerful X-chromosome, a high percentage shows lineages War Admiral and Mahmoud.

Prynskila and blue larkspur – two other proven stallions with a big heart.

Thus, the transition to the Kentucky Derby in 2011 look for those runners who have the opportunity to inherit this special X chromosome on the side of the Dam.

Also keep in mind that feature big heart reveals a high percentage of the time in second place. In 29 of the last 46 in the Kentucky Derby current 1st and 2nd place were the X chromosome features a big heart!