Direct professional support: Understanding the cruelty, neglect and exploitation in Kentucky

Each state in the US has the same definition of cruelty, neglect and exploitation. If you – for the direct support of a specialist, who lives in Kentucky, you need to know that the Kentucky state government defines as abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

In most cases, there is no law which would oblige him to report abuse when with an adult. mandatory reporting law in the case of adults apply only if the person is married to the offender or has a disability that limits his ability to take care of herself or her. However, in accordance with KRS 209, when a witness or a suspect of abuse neglect and exploitation of adult receives support for life in society, they must first ensure the safety of the victim. Then notify the Department of Public Service, as soon as it is safe to do.

Chipboard is very important to understand what is meant by abuse, exploitation and neglect.

Abuse means bodily injury, sexual abuse, unlawful or unjustified imprisonment, intimidation or punishment, which leads to physical pain or injury, or even to mental injury.

Operation refers to the use of resources and the other person's property without other people & # 39; will in an attempt to harm or deprive another person to use it right.

On the other hand, neglect refers to a situation where an adult can not perform their duties, and the warden – irresponsible and deprive others of its services. In other words, the guards & # 39; negligence – is that an adult person is not able to take care of their health.

For a professional direct support it is very important to know what constitutes abuse. Abuse can occur in various ways, including when a person pushes, knocks or pulling hair. It can also mean forcing or coercing someone into sexual activity. This may deter someone from such things as visiting friends or family & # 39; and or even deliberately give the wrong medication. It can also refer to other names and derogatory statements.

The reporting process is not completed statements to law enforcement agencies. According to the law, such cases required to report to the Cabinet for Health and Family & # 39; and. The provider must be attentive to the HIPAA or VAWA and other compliance issues before disclosing any information to the information to law enforcement officials.

Tips for the duties to report

When you witness or suspect cases of abuse, neglect or exploitation is your duty to report it immediately. Here are some things you should know.

  • The message should be immediately provided if the physical security
  • It is not necessary to investigate before you make a report
  • The obligation to submit a report, regardless of professional privilege for people who meet the requirements of KRS 209
  • You can make anonymous reports; However, it is recommended to give contact information.

You can also call the Office of the Ombudsman by phone 1-800-372-2973. A number of Kentucky law of action and you can find them (abuse of children) 600020 KRS and KRS 620 or (adults with disabilities) KRS 209.