Cycling in Kentucky and drive long distances; Williamsburg in Bowling Green

For those die-hard and hardcore cyclists, it is obvious that Kentucky – a beautiful state for the bike ride over long distances. Especially fun ride with the & # 39 is run from Williamsburg to the Bowling Green, it's so colorful and beautiful ride, and 130 miles should make you busy during the day, and more than that, it's like a donkey.

Start with Williamsburg morning prakatsitsesya 10-mile warm-up to the pine knot, and only zdagadvaytsesya that you will like the area for our tiny warm-up between the names of Holly Hill. The next 25 miles to Motichello – this same area, no less and no more, and if we're going to the West down on Hwy 90, about 15 miles to the Kartreta, you will then know why the people of Kentucky are so virtuous, to live in such a beautiful states .

Cartwright to Glasgow, Kentucky, about 40 miles to Hwy 90 and then we move on Hwy 68 in Bowling Green. If you care about Raselville, this is only 20 miles, and I think we should; In fact, I vote for another 20 miles, to round out the day and relax in Hopkinsville. Kentucky well serve their cyclists with so many wonderful routes. Perhaps you will consider this in 2006.