Betting on the Kentucky Derby

The first Saturday of May – this is the Kentucky Derby, one of the most popular races in the world of horse racing. Even people who do not follow the tunes on horseback to watch the Kentucky Derby. With a field of horses is one of the most difficult races for interference, but with the right information you can make some nice tickets on bets Kentucky Derby.

Peragrade at large racing bets, such as the Kentucky Derby, you have to avoid traps and snares. Note the preliminary race derby and the way these horses are done at the races, leading to the big day. Do not pick up, how well they raced at the same time as bad.

10 days before the derby, when all preparatory training races are held, all the media and the people who watch the derby should look. No matter how fantastic this training, you do not give them a lot of weight, remember how every horse raced in preparatory races and use it on the basis for a decision. Now, when the horse runs like a monster and pushed some butt in the preparatory races that are on the derby, it's just ice on the cake. These horses are included in the derby, all in physical form, regardless of the last several workouts. In fact, most coaches just do not try to cheat the horses before the big show.

Another disadvantage, which should be avoided, with the & # 39 is a drawing position in the derby and other big races. Derby now has an hour show dedicated to this. There are many people who make their way from different positions to win the derby. The only positions that deserve any attention – is the 1 st and 20 th. The first is actually worse than 20th, because the horse is not much choice but to hit him early to avoid the shuffling back. This is not the most important position, but the kind of horse that makes its way around you can make a difference. If your choice – this is a high-speed type or a stalker, you want the next dead around you. Your horse can get out of those breaks in any direction. If you have runners on the stretch, you want the horse quickly made their way close to you, so they quickly got out of the way.

Understanding and recognizing the nature of the modern champion of the Kentucky Derby, you'll pass each horse and find a legitimate rivals.

a.) Each winner of the derby since 1882 had at least one start as a 2-year-old age.
b.) The last Derby winner all, for whatever reason, missed the minor Cup breeders.
d.) Each winner derby Years 1990-2001 (except charismatic) had at least 3 starts in derby. They also outside Silver Charm had 3 training.
d.) After the introduction of the speed numbers in 1992 outside the charismatic and the seahorse was taken by a three-digit number of its first or second start at the age of 3 years. The median winners of the Kentucky Derby in 1992-2001 was 110.
e.) Finally, but not least of the 12 winners of the derby in 1990-2001 were only two speed horses. Quick horse wins only 17% of the time in the Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby can be a difficult hurdle, but with these tips you should be in the betting window to earn tickets outside the millions of people, simply was not enough.