Mental traveler

Being able to project consciousness opens fascinating experiences of traveling around the world without leaving home. Explore Egypt's ancient pyramids, discover the galaxies or walk along beautiful beaches in distant places. You can even exchange information with other mental travelers along your journey.

For some people, mental travel is an outcrop experience while others are out of body dream. Moving outside of your body is also called Astral Projection. In what fashion the traveler travels about the universe, one thing is safe. The adventure is incredible.

At the beginning of any new form of learning, whether you expand your mind or learn to swim, the first experience may be a little scary. Once the original fears are overcome, a whole new dimension awaits you in your life. If you are disappointed with the idea of ​​possibly floating in the middle of the air or maybe your physical body looks out of your body, mental travel might not be right for you. The worse case for new mental travelers is a quick return to your body like a shovel accompanied by a high bang or flash or brilliant light.

If you're ready to try a mental journey, I'm glad to be your guide. The following instructions will get you started. I suggest you start your journey at bedtime. When you're comfortable in your mental travels, go ahead and be careful with the wind, travel someone anywhere on the day or night. (Do not be surprised to see me traveling alongside you).

All On Board:

1. Get yourself comfortable. Put on your back with your arms and palms on your side. Begin to relax your body, starting with your toes right up to your neck and face muscles. Your body will feel heavier and heavier.

2nd Focus your concentration on your breathing. The slow rhythmic movement of deep breathing will relax further in a deeply changed state of mind while you are aware. Focus your thoughts on the center of your forehead.

3rd Now visualizes in your mind, your duplicate (spirit) in images of sunlight, light as feathers float upward. You now feel two sensations; one of your physical body, heavy like a lump of clay. The other feeling is of your mind's weightlessness and freedom. Your eyes remain closed, but you are aware of the space around you. Note the color, it may seem as if there is a tiny shade in the dark. Now you focus on the center of the ceiling.

4th Visualize in your heart the middle of the ceiling drawing closer to you and as you do this, you are aware of flowing in your spiritual body. You can even see your body lying peacefully beneath you on your bed.

5th Move upwards through the ceiling and into the world, visit friends or places. You'll be back when you're done with just a simple mindset of returning.

Have a great trip!

Source by Barbara Garcia