06 Essential travel tips for single female travelers

With this article today I will share you 06 travel tips for solo female travelers. So if you are a female traveler who likes to go solo and have questions about safety then these hacks will definitely help you stay safe.

Being a travel blogger, I always receive emails from my female readers about their safety when traveling alone or even with a companion.

I suppose we've all heard these lines:

  • The world is not a good place.
  • This country is not certain
  • You can be a destination for locals

Well, turn it over!

Yes, there are people who have bad intentions, but trust me, the number is much smaller.

I have traveled to many countries and the places that have been designated as hostile ones, where I have found the nicest people.

Understand one thing that there are certain situations that are not in our hand. So better ignore it.

So with these 06 travel tips, I would try to help you stay safe with foreign countries.

Let's start.

  1. Courage: courtesy and a smiling face are one of the best things a traveler likes. In any part of the world, if you keep a smiling face and remain polite, most of the hard situations can be handled.
  2. Say no: Always remember one thing; If you smell something, say "no". Like most times, your Gut feelings have an idea of ​​what comes in front.

    For example, if someone tries to be a friend with you and you're not good at it, just say "No" in a polite manner.

  3. Do not travel at night: Yes, this is another point that you always remember if you travel solo. If you are traveling from point A to point B, it is always suggested to cover the distance in the morning.
  4. Knowledge of fraud: Before you visit any country, whether it's Britain, India, Malaysia, Russia or another country, you have to do your homework on various scams that other travelers face. Making your homework is a must for anyone. So try to do your research. It will definitely help you understand what to do and not to do when you face the same problem.
  5. Matching dressing: In some cultures people prefer the message dressing when visiting churches, mosques, temples and other religious places. In addition, if you have tattoos, try to cover it, as not everyone likes it. So always try to cover your body and not show your skin in some countries.
  6. Cab Safety: Always try to keep your belongings with you in the backseat, so if you have to jump out of the cabin, you can do it without any other thought. Next, always keep the number of the cab with you so that you can share the number with the police or your nearest in any accident.

So here were my 06 travel tips for solo female travelers. Hope you liked it.

Source by Tirthankar Bose