Tips for air travelers to give out to others

For all of us who spend a lot of time on airplanes, we need some tips for forwarding to our fellow travelers, making it more difficult for the rest of us to be productive on an airplane. Here are 5 focus areas that are related to common courtesy. Although some of these behaviors are unusual.

  1. Visual movies, magazines, etc. If you look at or look at something that may be difficult for others because of their violence, sexual content or language (written in 60-point type), save it for when you arrive at your destination or place yourself no one else can see what you see or read what you read (unless they will do much – that's their problem).
  2. Greetings to other passengers . Be polite in action, diction and delivery. We all live in this relatively small room for an hour or more hours. Let's not be testy with each other. Breathe. Pull out the weather. Please.
  3. Handles the flyers with respect. Your job is to help you and everyone else comes to the final destination in a safe and reasonably comfortable way. I do not envy them their job. Normally the nicer you are, the nicer they are. If it does not run out on that day for you, you just know you're making the karma out for someone else who made the helper's day totally unhappy. And there are lots of these people.
  4. Preparing to exit (exit). It's not a surprise when the plane lands. Remember, everything is gone away in good time, so when it's ok to get up and start leaving the plane, get into the hallway and start moving down the hallway with the power. If you're not in rush, keep yourself seated because you can be sure there are people with close relationships and they really need to go as fast as possible.
  5. Do not bring old meat on an airplane. I had to write this because I recently read about a flight that had to go back to the port after the passengers realized that there were stomachs that fell out of the ground because a guy had brought meat, There was spoiled on the plane in his cabin. AYKM? Are you skiding me?

So in view of the special event, I think I can put up with loud speakers, sardine pizza and people who act as if they have the whole time in the world to make themselves living. Well, not really, but it helps me put it in perspective and be grateful for what's or does not happen.

Source by Meggin McIntosh