European cycling tours

Europe, with its rich culture and heritage, has been Mecca for travelers since the earliest times. With cities that offer mild weather and picturesque charm to the snowy alpine slopes and immortal Mediterranean coasts, is Europe an explorer? S happiness.

The first bikes were invented and used in Europe already in 1818, and with European colonization the genius machine became popular worldwide. People walked around the continent on bicycles and explored the country's diversity, even before the term cycling and # 39; was invented. The exercise became popular as a cheap and exciting alternative to road and rail transport. After almost two centuries, the bicycle remains one of the most popular transport and leisure activities in Europe.

When people think of European bike rides, the first thing they think of is Tour de France, a fantastic cycling run that crosses the entire French countryside. However, the tour is a competitive sporting event, while a & # 39; bike ride & # 39; is a leisure activity that generally forms part of a guided vacation. Whether riders are chosen to cycle through Europe alone or as part of a package trip, planning is crucial. Details such as budget, duration of travel, countries and regions must all be thoroughly prepared. Riders must familiarize themselves with the general topography, each region, and the local climate and the best season to visit a particular place. It is strongly recommended that riders mapping a route, taking note of all motels, lodging and B & B? S along with it to make sure they have a place to live whenever they want to rest.

One of the biggest obstacles to a smooth European cycle ride is the major language variations in the region. The best way to overcome this problem is to learn a few sentences in the most popular languages ​​and carry an abundant supply of dictionaries, maps and folders.

Source by Steve Valentino